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The modern kitchen is a busy work space, and a social gathering point, demanding equipment of the highest style, caliber and capacity. Gessi excels at both, featuring sharp design sensibilities, rendered in the highest quality materials and with meticulous Italian workmanship. With an amazing range of super stylish sink mixers, Gessi combines avant garde design with high practicality to produce only the best quality taps.

From very humble beginnings, Gessi has quickly grown and firmly established itself among the elite in the world of kitchen design and brassware. Its product portfolio is awash with bold, state-of-the-art taps that somehow manage to fuse impeccable, unique styling with the kind of practicality that one would come to expect from a modern kitchen tap designer.

The Gessi tap range is filled with quite spectacular mono kitchen mixers, as well jaw-dropping 3 hole kitchen mixers and the increasingly popular pull out kitchen taps. The majority of their taps come in a choice of two finishes, chrome or brushed nickel, with both providing a finish that would grace any modern kitchen.

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