Why Your Kitchen Needs an Instant Boiling Water Tap

Today – we are all living in an exceptionally fast paced world where we expect everything done in an instant and there are no signs of slowing down, in fact, if anything it’s speeding up even more.

If you look at the advances of social media, email, online shopping and instant messaging, there’s no doubt you can get everything you want in moments.  Be it an answer to a letter, booking a holiday, accessing an episode of your favourite soap that you’ve missed, even your shopping can be delivered now in just a matter of hours after placing an order!  
When time is of the essence, we all have to multitask, so it makes sense to choose kitchen appliances that will save time and bring convenience.  One such appliance is the ingenious instant boiling water tap.


Filtered boiling water kitchen tap with a freshly brewed cup of tea


It’s not just about fast and instant living as a boiling water tap has a huge amount of other fabulous advantages.

First - It is enviably stylish. Rather than the now cumbersome kettle and its wire cluttering up your kitchen surfaces, a boiling hot water tap is sleek and chic, kept out of the way and a welcome addition to your sink.  
Second - It is safer than a kettle because it can’t get caught up in wires, a godsend if you have young children. These taps come with safety levers which is an added feature designed to deter accidents.  The switch is usually kept as far away from those little hands so only adults have access to using it.  That has to be a huge plus point for those with children around the home.
Third - These taps are more energy efficient which means that for the eco-friendly among you, they are the perfect accompaniment to your kitchen.  Rather than boiling and re-boiling a kettle, it’s all there for you at the touch of a button - no wasted electricity.
Fourth - There’s the convenience of being able to make a cup of tea or coffee instantly. It saves you those vital 5 minutes when you’re in a rush in the morning to get out of the house.  All you do is press and watch the instant hot water fill up your mug of steaming coffee or tea. There – you’ve given yourself an extra-long lie in in bed, and no one can complain about that.


Hot filtered water kitchen mixer pouring an instant cup of tea


It’s not just about being able to make hot drinks either; it is superb as a cooking companion.  When you have to boil up vegetables you no longer need to fill, boil and wait for the kettle, your water is there for you instantly and whenever you need it, so all in all it is a fantastic time saving device.

So now we know how it’s so convenient – what other reasons are there to have an instant boiling hot tap?

In the future, we would envisage that every modern home will automatically be fitted with an instant boiling water tap, especially as they are becoming more and more affordable.  
Here at Tap Warehouse, our range starts from just £449 for the Vellamo Java range of instant hot water taps - available in both chrome and brushed nickel. We also sell instant hot water taps by industry leaders Grohe, who offer products including swivel spouts, filtered boiling water and mixer tap options. 
Of course there are many things to consider: price, brand and the fact that there are many different finishes available; chrome, brushed steel, or even brushed nickel.  

Some dispense just boiling water whereas others have functions such as also being a regular mixer tap.  We also have different shaped spouts so every kitchen design will have a perfect boiling water tap partner.


 3 way hot water kitchen mixer in a shiny chrome finish

Shop our full range of instant boiling water taps here
At Tap Warehouse there is bound to be an instant boiling water tap to suit your needs and kitchen styling.  Browse through our pages to determine exactly what is perfect for you. Our manufacturers give you peace of mind by offering a guarantee and our products have child-proof controls and levers for extra safety so you don’t need to worry.

A Final Word…

We hope you found this guide helpful and you should now know if an instant boiling hot water tap is for you or not. If you have any feedback or questions, please comment on this article or our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you'd like to speak to one of our staff, please call us on 01202 556655 or email help@tapwarehouse.com and our customer service staff will be there to help.


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