Why Choose a Valquest Shower Valve?

The best thermostatic shower cartridges are made by Valquest, and each one has been designed with your family's safety in mind.

Why choose a Valquest Thermostatic Shower Cartridge?

Designed with you and your family’s safety in mind, the Valquest thermostatic shower cartridge will totally transform your shower experience, allowing you to fully relax without having to worry about accidental scalding if your hot or cold water supply fails, or if someone flushes a toilet or turns on a tap around your home.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, and having undergone rigorous performance testing, this high spec anti-scald thermostatic shower cartridge will give you absolute peace of mind, as it will be there to protect you and your family for many years to come.  

The UK is unusual when compared with other European countries in that many households have low water pressure. Unlike most cheap and cheerful shower valves, valves containing a Valquest thermostatic shower cartridge benefit from outstanding water flow rates, making them suitable for all water and plumbing systems.

Because they are designed specifically for the UK market, the thermostatic shower cartridges are also more resistant to limescale build-up - perfect for hard water areas.

Valquest Testing Facility
Each Valquest cartridge is individually tested before passing quality checks

If your hot or cold water supply should happen to fail, the thermostatic shower cartridge will shut down completely to avoid any risk of scalding.

Choosing a thermostatic shower valve powered by a Valquest cartridge will not only give you peace of mind against burns, it will also deliver you a more enjoyable shower. Thanks to it’s patented design, the water will remain within +/- 1°C of your desired temperature, giving you a consistent shower, every time.

Features of the Valquest Thermostatic Shower Cartridge:

- Made and tested in the UK to the most stringent standards
- Anti-scald thermostatic technology gives you a consistent water temperature within +/-1°C, even if your water pressure fluctuates
- Automatic shutdown within 1.5 seconds if your hot or cold water supply fails
- Resistant to calcium build-up, giving you peace of mind it has been built to last, even if you live in an area with hard water
- Compatible with low and high pressure systems
- Excellent flow rates and accurate flow control, even at low pressure
- Fully reversible and easy for your plumber to install
- Manufactured from WRAS approved materials
- TMV2/TMV3 approved