Why a Pull Out Spray Kitchen Tap Is the Ultimate Accessory

If we could predict the future, we would confidentially say that pull out kitchen spray taps will become much more of a traditional value rather than a modern or contemporary one. We say this because pull out kitchen taps have always been somewhat of an ‘underdog’, but recently, they have been rapidly rising in popularity.

The added versatility of having a pull out kitchen tap (with a hose that extends outwards to about 500-600mm) along with being able to switch between having a aerated stream of water or a spray function, makes it easy to express why every kitchen should accommodate one, so here is a list or reasons why:

Pull Out Spray Kitchen Taps Free Up Valuable Space

Having a pull out kitchen spray tap will free up valuable space around your sink. Gone will be the days when you had to cram plates and pans under a fixed tap with no space for it to move. Most pull out kitchen taps are over 300mm tall and have a 360°C swivel spout, which will ultimately allow you to use a lot more space in and around your sink.

Added Versatility

A pull out spray tap is unsurpassable when it comes to adding that extra bit of versatility to your everyday routine. The pull out hose will aid you in cleaning down your vegetables, rinsing your dishes before they’re placed in the dishwasher and even keeping your clothes dry due to there being a lesser chance of splash backs.

For those of you with back issues, you will no longer have to bend or lift to fill up a mop bucket, simply pull the flexible hose and point towards the bucket, and let the hose do the rest.

It is also common knowledge that when you have a baby, some people like to bathe them in the sink and a pull out hose is the perfect accessory to help you do this (if you don’t have a baby, a puppy or pet will suffice).

Easy Installation with Flexi Tails

With a variety of different sized flexi tails available, installation can be made an easy process

If you're worrying about the effort that goes into replacing your current taps, flexi tail tap connections make the process even more simple than actually choosing a pull out tap itself. Have a read of our article about flexi tail tap connections if you would like to gain a broader understanding.

Can be Installed on any Sink or Surface

You don’t have to be the owner of a new sink to have a pull out kitchen spray tap. You can be the proud owner of a fairly old and well used sink who just wants to give their taps a well deserved update, as pull out kitchen mixer taps can be installed on a large variety of different sinks and surfaces, no matter how old they are.

Use Two Sinks at Once

If you have recently invested in a 2 bowl sink, or you already had one but the tap you are using isn’t quite doing the job, a kitchen sink mixer tap with a pull out spray will be a foolproof addition to your countertop. Place the pull out tap central between the 2 bowls, and the 360°C swivel spout will allow you to use both bowls at the same time.

Available in a Variety of Colours

All of our kitchen sink taps with a pull out spray come in a stunning array of exceptional finishes: polished, brushed, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, pewter, gold and black.

Shop Our Full Range of Pull Out Kitchen Taps Here

If you consider yourself to be the next Paul Hollywood, Nigella Lawson or Mary Berry, a pull out spray kitchen tap is just what you need to transform your kitchen sink into a multifunctional work zone.

Some pull out tap models have a simple nozzle that pulls out from the tap body, with no option to change the type of spray coming out of the nozzle itself, whereas others have a button that diverts between 2 different types of spray. This generally takes the form of a 'standard' straight flow, and a 'watering-can' style spray. Each pull out spray tap has been completed with high grade ceramic disc technology which is guaranteed to leave your sink drip free. Find out more about ceramic disc taps here.

Here are a few of our cheapest and best selling pull out spray kitchen taps.


A modern pull out spray kitchen tap

Hanbury Professional Kitchen Pullout Spray Tap (Baby Version)

A scaled down design in order to become a more appropriate size suitable for domestic use.

Features two separate outlets:

  • A swivelling flexible pull out nozzle that sits in its own cradle
  • A conventional swivel spout for regular water flow

Available with a 5 year guarantee.

A pull out kitchen tap from Vellamo with a large single lever control

Vellamo Savu Single Lever Mono Pull Out Kitchen Mixer

With elegant curves and a striking chrome finish, this pull out kitchen tap with hose will take pride in being placed atop your kitchen sink or worktop.

It has a swivel spout and a large single lever control so that you can have complete authority over the water flow and temperature with just one hand.

Available with an astonishing lifetime guarantee.

A chrome pull out spray kitchen mixer tap with a duel function spray.

Premier Side Action Pullout Spray Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

A mouth watering, ultra-modern design guaranteed to attract some sublime attention.

It features an elegant cylinder spout with a high-quality flexible pull out hose, a swivel spout with button controlled rinser spray and a side mounted single lever handle that controls temperature and water pressure.

Available with a 5 year guarantee.

A high quality chrome pull out tap with a high shine finish

Mayfair Vibe Pro Kitchen Pull Out Mixer Tap

A modern creation full of feminine curves guaranteed to impact and inspire.

Lending to its stately and elegant look, this tap is slightly taller than average and is available at an affordable price.

The Vibe Pro has a retractable spring device so the nozzle will be pulled smoothly and automatically back into the tap body.

Available with a 10 year guarantee.

A Final Word...

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