What's So Great About Waste Disposal Units? (Lots!)

Welcome back to the Tap Warehouse blog, where this time around we are looking into the promising topic of waste disposal units. 

You may never have seen one in a home that you have visited – unless you have relatives in the states – but you will definitely have seen them in the all of your favourite American TV shows.

Well, we have big news: waste disposal units are no longer an exclusively American thing! And that’s great because there are many wonderful qualities about waste disposal units. 

So, let’s waste no more time and dispose of any misunderstandings surrounding these resurgent items, many market-leading models of which you can find right here on our luxurious online store.

What Are Waste Disposal Units?

The waste disposal unit is a fixture that you set up beneath your kitchen sink waste that enables you to dispose of virtually any food item in a more environmentally friendly manner than simply chucking it in the bin. 

From greens to small bones and everything between, a waste disposal unit grinds it into very small pieces for disposal.

What Are the Benefits of Waste Disposal Units?

Primarily, they prevent the build-up of methane gases that is produced by food left decomposing in your bin. This occurs throughout the world at landfill sites, which is why it is usually buried, and this contributes to the build-up of greenhouse gases and subsequently global warming.

Waste disposal units mean that significantly more harmful gas is sent to waste treatment plants so that the increased conversion of renewable energy and fertilisers can occur.

Once your food waste has been ground up into dust, it is taken down your water pipes along with your kitchen’s water flow. That’s why it’s best if you run the water slightly while using your waste disposal unit. 

Waste disposal units also drastically reduce, or by design remove, the chances of blocking your pipes with food waste. Also reduced drastically are kitchen odours as there is no need to dispose of food waste in a bin where it sits and festers. For these reasons and more, waste disposal units are incredibly useful.

How Do They Work?

Traditional waste disposals used a physical blade to chop up the food. You may recall horror movies of past years displaying to you just how wide the range of waste these units can dispose of. 

Modern designs have been refined somewhat. Now, you may see that a rotating head disc is used, with centrifugal forces pushing food waste out to a static grinding plate positioned at the edge of the unit. 

However, there are three main types of modern waste disposal unit function and they are…

Batch Feed Waste Disposal Units

A batch feed waste disposal unit, such as this Insinkerator Evolution 100 Waste Disposal Unit which is an incredibly powerful unit.

This fantastically named waste disposal unit does it all, which is why it is one of Tap Warehouse’s most popular waste disposal units.

The batch mode Insinkerator is 40% quieter than standard models, uses a two-stage fine grind technology with built-in air switch operation, and features an impressively sized grind chamber. It also auto-reverses for safety, longevity and performance.

Batch feed waste disposals provide excellent modulation with a cover control that enables you to feed your food waste through in increments.

The cover control is activated with an on/off control that is powered by a plug and can be positioned wherever you like for most convenient use while operating your sink. 

The cover control can be added to your waste disposal unit separately so you can convert your existing Insinkerator waste disposal unit to a batch feed setup. 

Air Switch Waste Disposal Units

An air switch waste disposal unit, such as this Caple 0.75hp Food Waste Disposal Unit with Air Switch, works with the simple press of a button. 

The Caple fits all standard 90mm sink waste outlets, features insulation to prevent noise disruption, and uses a continuous feed with overload setup. 

The Caple is fitted with a proven corrosion-resistant grinding system that works in three stages to ensure the consistent, efficient reduction of any waste you throw at it.

Pressing the button will send a pulse of air through a length of tubing to a control box at the base of the waste disposal unit. Here, it meets the air pressure switch that gives the air switch waste disposal unit its name. 

Air switch models are great because they support the environmental consciousness that drives many to invest in a waste disposal unit.

They require far less electricity, instead relying mostly on the simple and sustainable power of air to efficiently chop up your food into manageable waste.

Continuous Feed Waste Disposal Units

Continuous feed waste disposal units such as this excellent Rangemaster 500 Waste Disposal Unit that is available for a truly  jaw-dropping price, can be regarded as an always-on waste disposal unit.

Whatever you want to chuck into it, it will cut that down to size.

The Rangemaster is coated with Bio Shield antimicrobial agent to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Its intuitively designed engine uses motor magnets for less electricity and water wastage than induction motors, and it comes with a removable splash guard for clean disposal. 

Please bear in mind that while the continuous feed waste disposal can of course be turned off at the mains, this form of waste disposal unit is not ideal for families with small children due to the risk of injury.

This wonderful piece comes with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee so you won't need to worry about the quality.

What's not to love about an uber-practical kitchen product that gives you peace of mind too.

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