What Is a Composite Material, And Why It Makes a Great Sink

Unearth the knowledge behind what makes a composite material, what the pros and cons of them are and why a composite material makes for a great kitchen sink.

Sinks have to put up with a lot during their long life span, so if you have a busy kitchen it is essential that you have a hard working sink that can cope with everything from scalding hot water and oil, to dishes being dropped into it on a regular basis.

One of the most worthy sinks for the job would be a composite granite kitchen sink.

Composite kitchen sinks are designed to combine hard-working and efficient performance with stunning good looks; guaranteed to attract some attention from any guests that step foot in your kitchen. 

Firstly - What is a Composite Material?

Schock Signus Cristadur Granite Kitchen Sink

A composite material is a combination of at least two different materials which have significantly different physical or chemical properties, that when they are combined together, a material is produced that has the qualities of the separate elements.

What is a Composite Granite Sink Made Out Of?

A composite granite sink is an engineered product which is made out of a mix of granite stone dust and acrylic resins which also include an intense mass of quartz crystalline particles which are forced together with a smooth bonding agent and then have been molded into a sink form.

With all these properties combined, composite granite kitchen sinks remain looking good no matter how much you use them. Unlike standard granite sinks, composite has a higher concentration of quartz crystals on its surface, and that is what gives it extra durability and creates a water, stain and scratch proof barrier (it's basically impenetrable).

Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral in the world and makes a good choice of material for a kitchen sink for a number of reasons. However, there are a number of pros and cons to have a composite granite kitchen sink, so let’s explore a few of them.

Composite Sink Pros and Cons



Pro 1. Heat Resistant

Composite granite sinks can handle the extremes of hot and cold temperatures as they are resistant to thermal shock and heat-resistant up to 280 degrees celsius. Because of the durable surface of composite kitchen sinks, you can literally take a boiling pan straight from the hob and put it in a composite sink without having to worry.

Pro 2. Durability

A composite granite sink is formed under a high pressure and this high compression gives granite composite sinks their long-lasting durability. Also due to the high compression, the granite sink surface will not need to be sealed, which in turn makes it resistant to scratches, heat, dents, chips and stains.

Pro 3. Impact Resistant

Your kitchen is a busy place and it is not unknown for things to get dropped or broken from time to time. Composite granite sinks are designed to withstand everyday knocks and bumps, and are built to last for years to come.

Pro 4. Antibacterial Surface

Granite composite sinks feature natural antibacterial properties, which is what makes it such an excellent choice of material for a kitchen sink

Pro 5. Cost

A composite granite kitchen sink is typically more affordable than a natural granite sink.



Con 1. Durability

Even though most granite composite kitchen sinks are resistant to many household cleaning chemicals, harsh chemicals can cause damage to your sink. It is essential that you follow the manufacturer's suggestions for cleaning the surface of the sink. For tips on how best to clean a granite composite sink using everyday household items read our blog - How to Look After Your Granite Composite Kitchen Sink. It is also important to know that some granite composite sinks can be damaged by heat, so make sure you check the manufacturer's warranty and previous reviews on the sink you wish to purchase.

Con 2. Hardness

Although the strength of a granite composite can be considered a pro, the hardness of a composite sink can cause glassware to break when dropped onto the surface. Other materials like stainless steel are a bit more forgiving.

Con 3. Costs

While these sinks are cheaper than full granite sinks, they are a bit more costly than other sink materials such as stainless steel.

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