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Our Favourite 7 Column Radiators

Choosing the right radiator for your home can be a bit of a challenge. But it's a decision made infinitely easier by our comprehensive knowledge list of the best designer column radiators.

Why is Column the One?

Column radiators are enjoying a revival as one of the most popular types of radiator purchased by home heating renovators, and for good reason.

Whilst traditionally radiators exhibit one or two continual horizontal panels through which they could disperse heat, column radiators are comprised of multiple heating columns that each distribute heat. The result is less wasted framework and a far more utilised heat dispersal. The columns are also what give this variant of radiators their name, if you weren’t paying attention!

Column radiators are known for providing a superior BTU output per area. They are also rather stylish, harking back to traditional radiator designs yet with modern technology to perfectly suit and efficiently heat all manner of interior styles.

Brenton Oval Tube Double Panel Vertical Radiator - Anthracite

For those who dig the style of Brenton’s Oval yet seek a touch more BTU, Brenton present this double panel version. The same visually striking four column design is replicated in tandem to achieve a fuller heat than its single panel siblings.

This model is also available in a wonderfully dynamic shade of anthracite, making it the perfect addition to modern interiors seeking that space age accent.

Anthracite vertical radiators have taken the heating industry by storm, becoming one of the most sought after styles for the contemporary home.

Butler & Rose Horizontal Designer Column Style White Radiator

Butler & Rose do it right whenever home heating is concerned and this designer column radiator does not differ from that reputation in the slightest.

Available in a range of column layouts from 2, 3 or 4, there is no room throughout your home that would not benefit from this fantastic horizontal designer column radiator.

The perfect traditional styling of this radiator, with its dual fuel compatibility, potent 1,951 BTU output and 5 year manufacturer's guarantee make it one of Tap Warehouse’s most popular column radiators.

This stunning rad is the perfect touch of timeless style to add to any hallway, living room, or pretty much any room you see fit!

Butler & Rose 2 Column Vertical Radiator - Bare Metal Lacquer Finish

If there was ever a competition for the most expensive looking radiator at the cheapest price, this 2 column radiator example by Butler & Rose would certainly be a contender for the crown.

This elegantly columned design stretches up the wall in inimitable style thanks to a remarkable bare metal lacquer finish.

With its mesmerising black welding lines and industrially scuffed design, this avant-garde production by Butler & Rose is one of our most striking – and best performing – column radiators.

CE approved and BS EN442 certified, with a hugely comforting 10 year manufacturer's guarantee, you can be sure that you've made the right decision with the Butler & Rose 2 column vertical radiator.

Butler & Rose Horizontal Designer 4 Column Style White Radiator

Just when you thought that the columns could not get any more numerous, Butler & Rose sidles up with this ridiculously impressive 4 column designer radiator that in horizontal styling sits low and proud along any interior wall to to provide wonderfully uniform heating.

Unlike many of the other column radiators on show, this unit is only available in one size, enabling Butler & Rose to pull out all of the stops and create a real crowd-pleaser performance-wise. With a BTU reading at 50°c of 2,881, this is a wonderful column radiator for slightly smaller rooms.

Slick dual fuel compatibility, a high gloss white finish and 5 year manufacturer guarantee round off this superbly flexible home heating unit. Can Butler & Rose do anything wrong?

Brenton Saturnia Anthracite Horizontal Column Radiator

Next up we have the gorgeous Saturnia Horizontal Column Radiator from Brenton. This radiator features a smooth, curved exterior which is a modern take on classic radiator designs.

The radiator is crafted from robust mild steel and is completed with a striking Anthracite finish, which will add a beautiful texture to any room you place it in. 

We know you'll love this radiator and will want to use if for years to come, which is why it comes with a comforting 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Butler & Rose Vertical Designer Column Style White Radiator

Next is this delightfully affordable vertical designer column style radiator available in a brilliant white finish.

Butler & Rose have pulled out every stop to bring the best quality home heating to the most conservative of budgets.

Available as a 2 column radiator or 3 column radiator for, this 1800 x 200mm Butler & Rose design is incredibly tall and sleek, providing a fantastic classical style harking back to an industrious Victorian aesthetic.

Perfect for reaching up to the highest of ceilings without breaking the bank!

Butler & Rose Victoria Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator - 965 x 675mm

Rounding off our delightful Top 10 Column Radiators – which as it progressed you could certainly be forgiven for believing to be a “Best of Butler & Rose” collection – is this wonderful column towel rail radiator.

Yes, heated towel rails take column form also – and what a form that is when examining this exquisite example!

The central three column section of this radiator, which is finished in Butler & Rose’s usual high gloss white sheen, is then framed by a chromed network of piping topped off by the towel rail in question.

The contrast of colours is magnificent but it is not just a pretty picture – this Victoria towel rail column radiator is a formidable heating device with a BTU rating of over 1,900, while the unique placement of the towel rail enables you to dry towels without every bit of the radiator’s heat being absorbed by that towel rather than dispersed evenly throughout the bathroom itself.

Kings of Column Radiators

The only question now is – which of these will be the column radiator for you? Of course, there is no reason why you should choose any of these at all. What works for some might not for others, so why not browse our range of column radiators right here and make up your own mind?

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