The Comprehensive Guide to Radiator Valves

Hello dear readers and welcome once more to another cracking installation of the Tap Warehouse blog, where this week we shall be exploring the wonderful world of radiator valves.

Throughout this piece we shall explain the different types of radiator valve, how to determine which radiator valve type is right for your home, and which radiator valves best suit your home heating aesthetic – while of course sharing some of the best radiator valves available right now from our expansive online store.

“Hold on, guys!” We hear you shout. “I’m not even sure how to find out what radiator valves I need!”

Not for long…

What Radiator Valves do I Need?

Unfortunately, radiator valves do not fall into a one-size-fits-all category. The design, shape and size of any radiator valve may render it useless to you, and so it is rather important to define which radiator valve type is right for your home radiator before you start falling in love with specific designs.

We shall decide on the correct type of radiator valve by looking at the design of the radiator valve inlets located at the radiator you wish to update, or throughout the home if you are swapping up the valves of multiple radiators. Of course, the design of your radiator is the other key factor, and finding a valve that seamlessly marries inlet and outlet is the goal.

Bathroom radiator positioning points usually feature a bottom radiator valve inlet, which you would connect most towel rail radiators to using our first variant: angled radiator valves.

Typical home radiators will usually be connected to your home heating with side radiator valve inlets, providing horizontal access from the side and thus requiring the use of angled radiator valves once more.

A wonderful cousin to the angled radiator valve is the corner radiator valve, similar yet not protruding as far from the bottom of the radiator. The valve is located on the inside of the angled body rather than the outer side. The toss-up is that they can be trickier to fit, yet this is to be expected of a radiator valve known as a bit of a decorative show piece.

Now, these three options emerge through the wall of your home. But what of those that come through the floor?

Generally, bottom inlets will take a straight radiator valve, our final radiator valve type and the simplest to comprehend with a straight body leading from inlet to radiator.

Side inlets from the floor will require an angled radiator valve. Check this handy table for further clarification and please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team for swift expert advice to precisely determine the type of radiator valve you require.


Now, let’s go deeper…

Angled Radiator Valves

Angled radiator valves are one of the most common radiator valve types used in modern home heating and come in a range of styles to match traditional and progressive radiator designs.

They connect your radiator to your home heating via an angular body, usually measured around 90 degrees, and prove popular because they provide a neat and minimalist finish that is considered key by many home heating designers.

For those applying new valves to a traditional radiator, where better to start the search than with these Crosswater Belle Angled Radiator Valves that cost just £39.99 a pair. Beauty and performance unite in everything to which Crosswater puts its mind and the Belle valves are just another perfect example of that.


Accent your traditional radiator and complement your period bathroom aesthetic the right way with these wonderful chrome pieces featuring manual valve and lockshield, suitable for both wall and floor-based pipework, dual fuel compatible and featuring a standard 15mm size thread, as well as Crosswater’s resounding 5 year guarantee.

From traditional to progressive, we present the Brenton Square Angled Radiator Valves (left) to accurately augment your modern designer radiator. Superbly priced at just £19.99 per pair, these brass valves with a chrome finish suit all pipework, are dual fuel compatible, feature a standard 1/2” BSP and are equipped with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.


We’re not sure about you but the whole team here at Tap Warehouse are a massive fan of anthracite heating components and so we could not rightly move on without sharing these beautiful Reina Portland Angled 15mm Radiator Valves (right), which enable you to finish off your anthracite radiator in typical Reina fashion for just £17.99.

You can discover the full Tap Warehouse range of angled radiator valves right here.

Straight Radiator Valves

If you are working with bottom inlets then you will most likely require straight radiator valves, aptly named for carrying water in a straight line from pipework to radiator body.

We start things off with these delightful Phoenix Victoriana Straight Radiator Valves priced at £43.99 per pair, featuring manual valve and lockshield, a standard 1/2” BSP thread and 5 year manufacturer guarantee. There are few traditional straight radiator valves that are more cleanly designed and functionally efficient.


Dipping back into their Portland range, we now share these Reina Portland Straight 15mm Radiator Valves (left) in stunning white. Priced identically to their anthracite valve siblings at £17.99, these Portland units are great value and suit a wide range of radiator styles thanks to their demure looks and supremely compatible design.


Now for another stunning example of anthracite radiator valves – this time in the form of Reina Loge Straight Radiator Valves (right). For £27.99 a pair, these dark and modern radiator valves are the perfect accessories to any anthracite or black designer radiator, as well as all other modern radiator styles. Slick, simple, affordable – need we say anything more?

Oh well, one more thing: discover the full Tap Warehouse range of straight radiator valves right here.

Corner Radiator Valves

We dig corner radiator valves here at Tap Warehouse as they are elegant display pieces that signify a homeowner who takes great pride in the best possible presentation of his radiators. Where an angled radiator valve would work perfectly, a corner valve does the same yet with a touch more finesse. It may also save you from those occasional dark room shuffle disasters and days of icing ankles or shins!

See that corner valve finesse in full display with these Sagittarius Camden Thermostatic Corner Radiator Valve in Antique Bronze (left). At just £69.99 per pair, these Camden valves are absolute works of art, featuring a rustic wood adjustment and standard threading for optimised compatibility.


For something a little less decadent – and a heck of a lot shinier – you should check out these Reina Crova Corner Radiator Valves in Chrome (right). Costing a highly agreeable £24.99, these shiny corner valves are a great solution for all chrome radiators that you do not wish to fit with standard angled radiator valves, and come with everything you would expect of the trustworthy Reina badge.

Discover the full Tap Warehouse range of corner radiator valves right here.

Manual vs. Thermostatic Radiator Valves

While we sit back and take a minute to collect ourselves after that inundation of wonderful radiator valves, let’s cover an important distinction between manual radiator valves and thermostatic radiator valves.

Do not worry – this division is in how they are used rather than their shape, with each available in all of the radiator valve shapes covered up to this point.

Manual Radiator Valves

As the name suggests, manual radiator valves are operated manually! Turn the dial and set it to the heat that you wish your radiator to reach.

Manual radiator valves are easy to use and easy to maintain but it is also easy to forget that you left them on. However, do not let this put you off – just keep an eye on your manual radiator valves and your heating bills and you will be absolutely fine.

A wonderful example of manual radiator valves are these Brenton Round Angled Radiator Valves, costing just £12.95 right now to bring the highest quality manual modulation of your home heating. They have a mesmerising chromed finish, feature standard 1/2” BSP tappings and are backed up by a solid 10 year warranty.


Discover our full range of manual radiator valves in stock right here.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

As you can guess, thermostatic radiator valves (aka TRVs) employ a built-in thermostat to measure the temperature of their surroundings and adjust the heat output of your radiator accordingly.

TRVs are wonderfully flexible, great for ensuring rooms do not get too hot as well as for managing the heat of individual rooms. They adapt to fluctuations in temperature, ensure that energy consumption is minimised, and help you save on bills.

One of the best TRVs to consider is the Reina Model TRV Thermostatic Corner Radiator Valve (left), a fantastic black finished piece that for £28.99 provides accurate automatic heat management across any of your home radiators. Its design is adaptable to meet most radiator styles and, if chrome is not your cup of tea, it comes in a total of 7 distinct finishes to suit the aesthetic endeavours of every homeowner!


Those seeking a more traditionally styled TRV should check out the Sagittarius Islington Thermostatic Angled Radiator Valve (right), available in Antique Bronze at £54.99.

Like the earlier radiator valves by Sagittarius that we featured, this Islington TRV has been finished uniquely to exude a wonderful weathered vibe. These impeccable units are perfect for harnessing leading home heating technology yet concealing it neatly within your traditional home décor.

Lockshield Radiator Valves

Before we wrap things up there is just one more radiator valve type that we should cover and that is the lockshield radiator valve. These radiator valves come in every valve shape as you would expect yet feature a valve that comes covered by a cap.

You use this lockshield cap to modulate the level of water that is able to flow from the radiator back into your pipework. By enabling control over this, a lockshield radiator valve brings you new levels of managing your home water system distribution.

By balancing your lockshields you can set radiators of different sizes to heat up at the same rate, resulting in drastically improved heating efficiency and subsequently reduced heating bills.

If you believe a lockshield radiator valve to be on the books for your home heating renovation, how about this pair of Butler & Rose Mozart Angled Radiator Valves and Lockshield in Old English Brass for £59.99?


These authentically finished lockshield radiator valves provide simple, classy heating regulation in a package that looks far more expensive. Compatible with dual fuel setups using a standard 1/2” BSP tapping and backed up by a 6 year manufacturer guarantee, these Mozart valves are music to our ears and may well be to yours also.

The Very Best in Radiator Valves

We may be named Tap Warehouse but we are one of the nation’s leading experts in many products and the radiator valve is certainly one.

You can browse Tap Warehouse’s entire range of radiator valves right here, featuring a who’s who of the world’s biggest names in home heating.

And if you would like some advice on any of the radiator valves that you come across – such as whether they will fit your radiators and pipework, or technical specifications – then please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team right here. We love to chat and no query is too small so get in touch now!

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