The Benefits of Astracast ROK® Granite Kitchen Sinks

If you're on the lookout for a new granite composite kitchen sink, one name that stands out above all others is Astracast. As the world's first specialist manufacturer of coloured composite sinks, there's no one that knows more about what it takes to make a sink that can not only withstand the rigours of everyday use, but one that looks exceptionally stylish at the same time. 

What is ROK®?


ROK® granite is Astracast's unique granite composite material. First created in 1997, it's proved so succesful that the basic concept has barely changed in the last 20 years. What makes ROK® granite different from other composites isn't what it's made of, but how it's made. Like most granite sinks, Astracast ROK® sinks use quartz crystals - one of the hardest substances known to man - but unlike most sinks the majority of the quartz crystals are concentrated where they're needed most - on the surface. This is what gives Astracast ROK® sinks their unrivalled strength. All Astracast ROK® granite sinks are made right here in the UK.

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1. Heat Resistant

ROK® composite kitchen sinks can handle the extremes of hot and cold temperatures as they are resistant to thermal shock and heat-resistant up to 280°C. Because of the durable surface of the ROK® kitchen sinks, you can literally take a boiling pan straight from the hob and put it in a ROK® sink without having to worry. If you then feel like covering that area in ice, again, your sink will be able to cope.


2. Scratch Resistant

With a ROK® kitchen sink, you will not have to worry about surface scratches. The outer surface of ROK® composite kitchen sinks are so hard wearing they are scratch-resistant. Obviously we would never advise you to purposefully try and scratch your sink, but it's good to know that you won't damage it if you forget to use your chopping board whilst you're dicing your veg. 

3. Stain Resistant

Stains are the last thing that you want to appear on a new sink that you've just shelled out good money for, especially when you're expecting it to last many years. Fortunately then, Astracast ROK® sinks are stain resistant. Even if you spill your freshly cooked passata on it, you can simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. We don't recommend leaving stains overnight, but even if you're a "that's a problem for tomorrow me" kind of person, with a bit of specialist granite sink cleaner, your sink will look like new again. 


4. Impact Resistant

Your kitchen is a busy place and no matter how careful you are, it's inevitable that your kitchen sink is going to get the odd bump and knock. A ROK® sink is designed to cope with anything that can be thrown at it... literally. ROK® sinks are so hard that you're more likely to damage whatever you dropped in it than the sink itself. 


5. Easy to Clean

ROK® composite kitchen sinks are designed to offer superior performance but are also easy to clean and are resistant to nearly all household chemicals and stains.


6. Anti-bacterial Surface

Granite features natural antibacterial properties which is what makes it such an excellent choice of material for kitchen sinks. This means that germs and bacteria won't gather on your sink (as long as you keep it clean) making it safe to leave unpackaged foods on the surface whilst you're busy doing something else.



There we have it; a brief look at Astracast's legendary ROK® granite, but before you go, have a look at the video below which demonstrates everything that we've just talked about. Here at Tap Warehouse, we offer an extensive collection of ROK® granite kitchen sinks in a variety of colours, backed by an extensive Astracast lifetime manufacturers guarantee for your peace of mind. Shop online now for ROK® kitchen sinks.


A Final Word…

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