The Advantages of a Filtered Water Tap

Without doubt, we are much more health conscious these days. Obviously there have been some incredible advances in healthcare, medical research and our general quality of life has improved in the last 20 years, but we are also regularly reminded of the dangers of harmful products.  If you choose to install a filtered water tap in your kitchen, you can be assured that the water you and your family are drinking is completely clear from any harmful bacteria.

Whatever healthy decisions you make, either consciously or subconsciously, your kitchen will be the hub of all your healthy cooking, eating and drinking activity!  That’s why gadgets are becoming more of a feature in a kitchen, such as kitchen taps with water filtering built in.


Cleaner, Healthier and Tastier Refreshment with a Water Filter Taps

Many people today are choosing to install this tap in their kitchen. Rather than having nasty limescale or hard water flowing from your kitchen tap,  you get a cleaner, healthier and tastier refreshment – straight out of the tap!

It’s also so much better to use filtered water for cooking because again, it’s healthier as it’s purer.  
What’s the difference in taste? Water is water but if you regularly drink from an unfiltered water tap you may notice a slightly metallic taste. This is a combination of chlorine, limescale and other microscopic organism impurities found in tap water.  It won’t necessarily harm you, but filtered is healthier as it delivers less chlorine and limescale, plus it really does taste great.

Think about where your water travels from to get to your kitchen sink.  It goes through the ground wells and plumbing pipes, picking up all the chemicals and impurities on the way which includes fluoride and metals (hence the metallic taste).  There’s always been much discussion about the health of unfiltered or un-bottled water.

Save both Money and the Planet with a Filtered Water Tap

Clearwater Zuben Mono Filtered Water Tap - Stainless Steel


It might be that you already know the benefits of using and drinking filtered water because you use a water filter jug, but these are notoriously inconvenient and fiddly with the need to change the filters regularly.  

At Tap Warehouse we often hear of people who use them a few times and then abandon them to go back to costly bottles of mineral water, or they choose to use the water straight out of their kitchen tap when they want to cook or have a drink.
Not only is filtered water healthier, but in the long term the cost benefits are huge – particularly if you are a big water drinker.  Rather than spending money on spring or mineral water you will have a purer and better alternative at the twist of a tap.
It will also improve the environment. You will no longer have to crush all those plastic mineral water bottles of which many will be recycled, however research shows that there are plenty sitting on landfills creating unnecessary rubbish piles.


Filter Taps to Suit all Budgets

A 3 Way Filtered Kitchen Tap Against a Lavender Splash Back


At Tap Warehouse our water filtering kitchen taps start from just £124.99 for a Clearwater Pluto single flow filter tap in stainless steel – so it is really an affordable luxury that is becoming more and more a necessity. We also have the new Clearwater Stella triple lever filtered water tap that not only has filtered water, but also standard hot and cold water; it's the only tap you'll need in your kitchen.

We have various styles and finishes such as chrome, gold or brushed steel so there is bound to be something perfect to suit your kitchen style. Our products also come with a guarantee.  

Chrome Filtered Water Taps

Brushed Steel Filtered Water Tap 

With a dramatic reduction of limescale residue you will feel much better about your family’s health when you have a stylish, sleek filtered water tap adorning your kitchen sink.  


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A Final Word…

We hope you found this guide helpful in improving your information on filtered water taps, and has ultimately helped you decide if a filtered water tap is for you or not. If you have any feedback or questions, please comment on this article or our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you'd like to speak to one of our staff, please call us on 01202 556655 or email and our customer service staff will be there to help.