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Kitchen Ideas 2021

Choosing the right décor for your kitchen isn't easy, so we've created this guide to the top kitchen design trends of 2021. Whether you want to add some new taps or completely revamp the style of your kitchen, you're sure to find something to inspire you.


Stand Out Taps

One of the biggest trends we expect to see in 2021 is the increasing popularity of statement tap finishes. Every year we see a bigger variety of vibrant tap finishes being released, which are perfect for anyone who wants to create a kitchen that stands out from the crowd.

When we think about statement finishes, gold is the first that comes to mind. Gold kitchen taps are bright and will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Although white is a common colour for sinks, a white kitchen tap can look stunning when paired with a black or copper sink. They are becoming slightly more mainstream, but black taps are still an easy way to move away from standard chrome and stainless steel finishes.

Broken Plan Kitchens

Similar to open plan, the broken plan kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. Although broken plan kitchens embrace the bright open spaces, 'broken' refers to the space being somewhat divided up. This will usually take the form of a kitchen lounge being divided by some open shelving or a glass panel. Whatever you choose, it's ideal for anyone who wants to open up their kitchen space whilst still having some level of division or privacy.


Living Room Furniture In Kitchens

As we move towards more open plan living, we're increasingly seeing furniture from other areas of the home moving into the kitchen. This is a trend that's resulting in kitchens perfect for socialising and relaxing, rather than just cooking and eating.

Whether its a large sofa or beautiful coffee table, this design style helps create welcoming kitchen spaces perfect for entertaining.


Kitchen Towel Rails

Traditionally found in bathrooms, more and more people are choosing to install a heated towel rail in their kitchen. Much better than hanging tea towels on oven doors or hooks, a heated towel rail will help keep your kitchen towels dry and fresh for longer.

Blue Furnishings

We've seen dark blue furnishings increase in popularity in bathrooms, and this is another trend that's moving across to kitchens. Dark blue or navy kitchen cupboards give a modern look but also add a subtle touch of colour that's often missing from black or grey kitchens. It's also a colour which will complement other popular kitchen finishes including black, white and rose gold.


Hanging Lighting

We've mentioned the beauty of hanging lighting in our Industrial Kitchen Ideas and Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas blogs and it's a concept that's only going to increase in popularity.

Moving away from fitted lighting in favour of hanging lights from bare wires can add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen. It's also a versatile design choice, allowing you to select ornate lampshades for a traditional kitchen, or large metal lampshades if you're going for the industrial look.


Butler Sinks

Despite the fact their style has been around for centuries, the butler sink is still increasing in popularity. Their stunning minimalist lines still look great in a modern home and their large capacity gives you a lot of space to work.

Although we love the traditional white finish, you'll increasingly find butler sinks in more modern finishes including copper, granite and black.

Rose Gold

We've got a whole article dedicated to rose gold kitchens, and for good reason. Whether it's jewellery, phones or kitchen fittings, the popularity of rose gold has been growing every year and 2021 is no different.

A subtle alternative to copper or gold with a slightly pink tint, rose gold is best used in moderation. Rather than filling your whole kitchen with rose gold products, it's best used sparingly to add colour to white, grey or black kitchens.

Boiling Water Taps

A boiling water tap is the must have accessory for every kitchen in 2021. These taps give the convenience of instant boiling water within the same package as your regular tap. This means no more kettle cluttering up your beautiful kitchen workspaces. If you want to learn more about why you should install a boiling water tap, take a look at our comprehensive guide.

Multi Functional Spaces

2020 was the year that working from home became a reality for many of us. As this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, our kitchens will need to adapt to accommodate this. Kitchens will need extra worktop space for home workers who need a change of scenery so making them a pleasant space will be increasingly important.

It's also likely the types of products we have in our kitchens will change. With fewer people commuting, larger coffee machines will increase in popularity as people try and achieve that coffee shop experience at home.


Hanging Utensils

We've spoken about hanging utensils in our Country Kitchen and Industrial Kitchen Ideas articles, and it's something you should consider for your kitchen in 2021. Giving your home the look of a professional kitchen, it's ideal for both modern and traditional homes.


Green Kitchen Cabinets

As we move into 2021, green is a colour which will become increasingly prominent in kitchen design. Green brings a warmer, more organic look than other dark finishes and will look great when coupled with black taps and sinks.

Although it's unlikely you'll want to install a completely green kitchen, when used with white walls and wood floors, it will give your home a unique, modern look.


Matt Finishes

Similar to the increase in popularity of rose gold, matt finishes have moved from niche to mainstream and their popularity is only going to increase.

Matt taps offer a subtle, non glossy finish which is perfect for modern homes. Although black is a popular matt finish, 2021 is the year matt white finishes will really take off.

House Plants

2020 saw us spending less time outdoors with nature. As many people continue working at home, it's more important than ever to bring a touch of nature inside.

It has been proven that house plants boost your mood and improve the quality of the air in your home, so they are a vital accessory for any kitchen. If you want some help choosing your plants, take a look at our guide to the most popular house plants in the UK.


Colour Pops

If dark green or blue aren't your thing, then look to add some pops of bright colours to your kitchen in 2021. Whether it's a vibrant splashback, bright accessories or wall art, this is the year of contrasting the more popular darker tones with bright colours.


Stand Out Floors

As you can probably tell, 2021 is the year of creating a kitchen which stands out from the crowd. If you don't want to do this with your fixtures and cabinets, why not add a patterned floor? Whether it's bringing back the classic checkerboard or restoring some vibrant vintage tiles, it's a great opportunity to create a feature you won't find in any other home.

One word of warning, if you want to add a vibrant floor, it's a good idea to keep the patterns in the rest of your kitchen to a minimum. Mixing a patterned floor with vibrant wallpapers will likely be too much for your eyes to take in.


That concludes our roundup of the top 2021 kitchen trends. If you want some more inspiration, take a look at our Country Kitchen, Industrial Kitchen, Scandinavian Kitchen and Rose Gold Kitchen Ideas guides.

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