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Beautiful Bathroom Storage Ideas: How to Maximise Your Space

Welcome to another rip-roaring entry from the bountiful Tap Warehouse blog, where this week we’re bringing you the very best in bathroom storage ideas.

Welcome to another rip-roaring entry from the bountiful Tap Warehouse blog, where this week we’re bringing you the very best in bathroom storage ideas.

There are some truly excellent ways to achieve bathroom space-saving as well as conveniently enhancing your décor at the same time. These include stunning products from a range of top contenders and endless possibilities of some creative cost-effective techniques, so stick around as we delve into the details of bathroom furniture.

Once we’re done your brain will be teeming with fantastic bathroom furniture ideas – but one thing that certainly won’t be teeming any longer will be your bathroom, which from now on and always will be clutter-free!

Maya Bathroom Vanity Unit


What is Bathroom Furniture?

Homes are becoming more compact, that’s a fact – just compare the size of a country mansion to a central London flat and you’ll find that there’s a massive discrepancy between the size of two properties that cost the same.

Storage space is simply becoming more and more of a rarity and this is especially true of the bathroom, which is exactly where bathroom furniture comes into play.

Despite its quiet and dutiful nature, the humble bathroom sees some of the heaviest traffic out of any of the rooms in your home. It’s only natural that there’s a whole load of stuff that gets left around the bathroom and of course we need somewhere to put it.

In this article we’ll cover vanity units of all sizes from industry leaders such as Ultra, Roper Rhodes, Vellamo, Horizon and many more, from simple wall-hung bathroom storage units to under-sink, floor-standing, combination, cloakroom and traditional bathroom furniture designs, as well as bathroom cabinets of all shapes and size and all the niche offerings in between.

And beyond that, we’ll sum up some of the trendiest creative concepts to inspire your individual path to bathroom storage Zen.

So sit back and let Tap Warehouse break down the vast world of bathroom storage options, beginning with some of the offerings from the best bathroom furniture brands out there.


Traditional Bathroom Storage


Bathroom Vanity Units

We feature a wide range of vanity units in our expansive online store and they are often the perfect bathroom storage solution to finish your restroom off in style. Usually featuring a full sink set up above, these are a fantastic integrated option and leader of under bathroom sink storage offerings.

Here are a few of our top picks:

There is a wealth of options to make use of the space below your basin, and if you’ve got a large bathroom then capitalise on this feature with our range of Double Basin Vanity Units.

If none of these tickle your fancy, why not shop our full range of vanity units?


Compact Cloakroom Vanity Units

As we’ve touched upon, space within the home is at a higher premium than ever. So if you find yourself asking “What’s the best bathroom furniture for small spaces?” then look no further than our range of Compact Vanity Units.

Offering every bit of the quality provided by their bigger brothers yet at a significantly smaller size and price, these babies are the perfect bathroom storage idea for small spaces!

Let's take a look at some top picks:

Combined Basin & Toilet Bathroom Furniture

Another step in the space-saving direction are these fantastic combined options that offer effortless practicality by enclosing the two main elements of your bathroom into a tidy single offering with miles of storage and style.

We've simply gotten too excited and included a whole host of our favourites below. Featuring some wonderful features such as soft close doors and runners, super sturdy construction, WRAS approval, and so so much more, it's virtually impossible to resist these uber-convenient beauties.

Each of these innovative bathroom storage options will accommodate for even the biggest and messiest of families. That about does it for sink units, so where else in the bathroom can we save some space?

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Ah, the bathroom cabinet. Available in so many designs, sizes, materials, closure systems and more, this is the bathroom storage option that gets us most excited here at Tap Warehouse.

From contemporary bathroom furniture to traditional bathroom storage cabinet designs, there’s an almost endless range of options at your fingertips. We could go on for days about our extensive stock but we’ve been warned that we can be somewhat overenthusiastic so we’re going to do our best to keep it brief!

From Tall Storage Cabinets to Mirrored Cabinets and every sort of cabinet in the middle, there’s no easier way to drum up some space in your bathroom.

We’ve picked out a selection of Tap Warehouse’s best-sellers to cover each of the main topics and set you in the right direction when it comes to choosing your bathroom storage cabinets.

The Harbour Glow Illuminated Mirror Cabinet (left) is totally worth the slightly higher price tag;  you cinch for yourself one of the most stylish and contemporary bathroom cabinet designs out there with its alluring, energy-efficient LED lighting, soft close doors and wonderfully reflective finish.

Then we have the altogether more simple yet no less fit-for-storage Stainless Steel Mirrored Corner Cabinet by Vellamo (centre), which maximises storage in awkward corners. This is a perfect solution for small bathroom storage as it looks the part thanks to its quality stainless finish and soft-close magnetic doors.

And finally, for those who consider it a tall order to accommodate the extensive essentials of their family’s wash routine, items such as our Drench Emily 2 Door Wall Hung Tall Storage Cabinet (right) in rousing Natural Oak will provide you with a staggering 1435mm of vertical bathroom storage space, as well as soft close doors, fully rigid supply, extreme durability and UK construction to make sure your bathroom’s slick design is not tarnished.

Creative Concept Bathroom Storage

Of course, you don’t have to follow what we’ve suggested in this article, which is just a starting point for your own bathroom storage design journey. After all, how boring would the world be if everybody just followed other people’s ideas?

There is absolutely no rulebook on bathroom storage design – we’ve gathered a few ideas for your inspiration so you can get creative. (This is where the predominantly washable tiling of the bathroom comes in handy!)

Read on for some trend pointers, see what you come up with and make sure you share your stories with us via our social channels!

Recess is Never Over!

A nook next to the shower, storage drawers dug into the side of the bath – we’ve even seen pull-down loft ladders converted to provide huge amounts of vertical bathroom storage space!

There’s no limit (except for how brave you are when it come to hacking away the walls of your home!) to what you can do to create a little bit of extra bathroom storage space out of nothing.

Check out some guides like this and spend a little time brainstorming and we’re sure that you’ll come up with five sure-fire ways to install some space where you previously thought none was possible.

Upcycle to Victory!

One of the hottest trends in creative interior design is the reconditioning of old furniture or even non-furniture items to provide new function within the home, and nowhere is this more easily applied than in the bathroom.

If you don’t have the funds to purchase the top-end unit of your dreams, do not despair – just take a step back and think what else could go there!

Aunt Mable’s rough old green chest of drawers from the spare room might make an excellent vanity unit… Those ornate coat hangers could be a free and rather fashionable bathroom towel storage display piece…

Bring a fantastic air of antique kitsch to your bathroom storage with the inventive inclusion of dressers, pallets, gardening tools, old metalwork – there’s simply no limit.

Check out one of our favourite articles on the subject and let us know how your upcycling voyage turns out!

Wicker, Man!

Wicker bathroom storage is so fashionable right now and cheap as chips!

Gather some old baskets and line them with some fabric to suit your décor or collect a trio of deep wicker drawers and craft a frame out of an old mirror frame or two.

The possibilities are endless and the results are always a little more excellent as you made them yourself!

So, Which Bathroom Furniture is Best?

A simple question it may be, yet there is no definitive answer. It’s been our delight to take you through some of the main elements of bathroom furniture available from our fantastic online warehouse yet, as you can imagine, we have barely touched the surface…

The right bathroom furniture for you depends on many things, first and foremost of those being your bathroom!

We’re always on hand to provide you with expert advice so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries.


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