Bathroom Ideas 2020

The times are changing - and at an alarming rate too! Keeping up with and predicting the latest trends can feel a little challenging at times, so we’ve had our experts carry out some research into the predicted hottest hits in bathroom design for 2020. If your bathroom is in need of a revamp, then it’s our pleasure to offer some top tips to help you on your way.

Let’s take a peek at a range of styles, from statement pattern tiles to minimalist natural design, to help you achieve that ‘new year, new bathroom’ feel!

Our 2020 Bathroom Ideas:


It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that minimalism means only having the bare necessities, and thereby disregards any of your own personal style for the sake of a virtually empty look. Of course, true fans of minimalist bathroom design will know that this is definitely not the case! In fact, minimalism is one of our favourite contemporary bathroom ideas as it incorporates a touch of personal style but keeps that clutter-free look we all dream of. If you love watching guests turn green with envy at how clean and mess-free your home looks, minimalist is the look for you!

So how do you keep things minimalist? It’s simple! Keeping your bathroom colours neutral and subtle offers a touch of elegance, whilst skipping out on any dazzling patterns helps your bathroom design look nothing other than clean and tranquil. You know what they say: clear bathroom, clear head…

There’s no harm in adding in some of your favourite flowers or a photo frame though - we’re not designing a show home here, there’s no need to be afraid of some personality! 

Keep your eye out for some innovative bathroom storage ideas when it comes to the actual essentials, so you can hide all of the less-than-attractive toothpastes, bleaches, and so on in a sleek white storage cabinet or vanity unit.

Organic & Natural Design

Quite a few of us live out our lives in “urban jungles” meaning we often miss out on the delights of nature, so when seeking some inspirational bathroom ideas, it’s no secret that we’re all enamoured with natural bathroom design. Adding a touch of nature to your bathroom using woods, bright colours, and greenery promises a more rejuvenating bathroom experience getting ready in the mornings. You’ll feel much happier looking at some bright green plants and white walls  every day instead of just a gloomy dark room - trust us.

Adding a splash of wood is one of the easiest looks to achieve thanks to our stunning range of wooden bathroom furniture. You can keep those bathroom essentials and fancy moisturisers hidden away in a vanity unit, and enjoy some forest or beachside vibes at the same time, all in the comfort of your own home. Pair a light wood cabinet with some bamboo or palm leaf wall paper and you’ve practically designed a tropical paradise!

When it comes to our health, both physical and mental, plants are definitely your friend! It’s no secret that humans have discovered a whole host of health benefits all thanks to our little green pals, so it’s not a wild notion to suggest that it’s a great idea to have a few hanging out in your bathroom. Take Aloe Vera for example, an aloe plant is perfect for healing thanks to the gel stored in its leaves. Aloe Vera gel is perfect for cooling burns and soothing scrapes without any nasty chemicals or preservatives that are often found in our medicine cabinets. 

What’s more, if you’re a fan of clean air (and who on earth isn’t?) then you can get your hands on some air purifying goodies such as Ivy to help filter out unwanted toxins in your bathroom.

Concrete Bathroom Ideas

On the other end of the spectrum to natural bathroom ideas, we have the rise of industrial bathroom design and the concrete aesthetic.  

For some concrete bathroom decor ideas, you could try minimalist white ceramics paired with a striking concrete-effect wallpaper. Or alternatively, switch things up and opt for a neutral wall and floor design and add one of our stunning concrete vanity units to combine style and practical storage space! Take your list of bathroom storage ideas to the next level thanks to the Harbour Clarity range, and rest easy knowing that these beauties are made using the highest quality materials to guarantee a long, happy lifetime too!

Another of our favourite contemporary bathroom design ideas is matching our concrete vanity units with some striking matt black tapware for a truly modern bathroom aesthetic fit for five star hotel luxury. You’re dipping your toe into gorgeous monochrome bathroom design without even realising - what a treat!

Bathroom Smart Devices

Whilst 2005 may feel as though it was mere months ago, we’ve somehow made our way to 2020! And although it may have been an interesting ride at times, these past years have seen some truly jaw-dropping innovations in the world of technology. 

This is our favourite aspect of 2020 bathroom trends because we get to pair technological developments with bathroom decor ideas to bring you: bluetooth mirrors! Sure, you have your smart toilets and fancy hands-free taps, but can you connect your phone to your bathroom mirror for a classy karaoke session when you get ready every morning? 

Yes! Check out our uber-exciting and shockingly affordable bluetooth bathroom mirrors for a touch of futuristic convenience even Blade Runner couldn’t predict! Gone are the days of frustration at not being able to have speakers in the bathroom due to a depressing lack of plugs, and instead suffering with your phone speakers. With 2020 comes bluetooth mirrors for some serious convenience we never knew we needed until now.

Bathroom Colour Ideas

Selecting your bathroom colour scheme is no longer limited to the traditional whites and creams. It’s 2020 and the days of playing it safe when it comes to bathroom colours are far in the past! If you’re a big lover of vibrant oranges, or perhaps a bright pink, go wild! The sky’s your limit when it comes to bathroom colour ideas, so steer clear of those whites that are so easy to stain and get dirty, and instead opt for something a little more you.

The regal combination of blues and golds are a common customer top pick for that colour-pop look, or pastel pinks and matt black are an excellent option for those seeking more subtle, contemporary bathroom ideas!

If you aren’t particularly fond of bright colours, why not dip your toes in the water with some pastels, or even opt for a classy, modern black or monochrome colour scheme? Lucky for you, we have a whole blog article dedicated to black bathroom design too, so you certainly won’t be stuck for choice any time soon!

Gold Bathroom Decor Ideas

A touch of gold in the bathroom gives off some seriously fancy hotel vibes if done right, so we recommend taking the plunge in 2020 and calling in the big guns. There’s no need to worry if you’re struggling with a search for small bathroom ideas, the beauty of adding gold to your bathroom is that it looks its best in small doses. There’s simply no need for an all-out eyesore of all gold tiles, vanity units, bath, toilet, the works - instead, we recommend adding gold beauty sparingly in your bathroom to achieve a truly statement look.

Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Our 2020 predictions are bountiful when it comes to bathroom tile ideas, and these exciting modern takes on traditional tiling certainly won’t disappoint.

So what’s hot and what’s not? 2020 is all about breaking away from routine and adding some statement style to your bathroom, which is why it’s all about herringbone, scallop, and hexagonal tiles!

Pattern herringbone tiling is a slightly more subtle way of shaking-up your traditional-esque subway tile style, so if you’re after a happy medium between traditional and contemporary then these are your best bet. Whilst scallop and hexagonal pattern tiles promise to have guests’ jaws on the floor thanks to their individual and eye-catching aesthetics. 

The great thing about having a variety of bathroom tile ideas is that the possibilities are endless. Looking to make a big statement? Opt for some bright blue pattern scallop tiles. After something a bit more understated? No problem - take a look at some white marble or black and white pattern herringbone tiles. The wonderful thing about bathroom tiles is that there really is something for everyone, no matter your preferred style!

Exposed Shower Pipework

Now returning to that sublime industrial bathroom design, if concrete simply doesn’t cut it for you, then might we suggest you add a touch of urban style to your shower instead? Exposed shower pipework is a wonderful element to add a not-so-subtle twist on contemporary design to your bathroom. 

Not only  is exposed shower pipework a truly beautiful look, but it’s also a rather diverse bathroom idea as it spans across both traditional and modern design; so no matter your preference, you won’t be missing out. For example, a traditional exposed shower set features design elements such as lever handles and a bell shaped shower head, perfect for complementing crosshead or lever head taps. A modern exposed shower set on the other hand, takes advantage of contemporary angular or square designs you’d expect to find in all of your favourite celebrities' homes.

Bathroom Wallpaper

As bathroom design is changing alongside our technological developments, the delights of waterproof bathroom wallpaper can now be enjoyed by homeowners everywhere. No longer are we restricted to tiling in the bathroom; instead, you can opt for any ‘wash resistant’ wallpaper of your choice that can survive the humidity and splash-prone state of your bathroom. 

But what’s the best way to do it without overdoing it? For a more understated look, we recommend adding wallpaper to only one of your walls, instead of all of them, for a more subtle touch of style that won’t hurt your eyes in the mornings. Of course, the style of wallpaper is totally up to you. If you’re going for a natural theme, then botanical wallpapers are bound to add an extra touch of nature; or if it’s more of a simplistic colour scheme you’re after: adding one colour wall is a wonderful way to round up a themed look. And when it comes to monochrome, well, we all know how many shades of grey there are!

What’s more, ‘peelable’ bathroom wallpapers are now more accessible than ever, meaning that even those indecisive individuals among us can enjoy wallpaper in the bathroom with the comforting knowledge that they can switch it out with another whenever they please.

Wrapping Up Bathroom Trends for 2020

There we have it - our detailed list of the wonderful designs we expect to be all the rage in 2020! We hope this article has given you some inspiration for your newest bathroom design ideas and look forward to seeing where you take your bathrooms over the next year.

We’d love to hear your top bathroom design predictions for 2020 and as always welcome any questions you may have. Our wonderful team are here to help you design the bathroom of your dreams no matter your bathroom style, size, or budget, and hope to hear your own bathroom ideas very soon!

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