How to Save Water and Save Money on Your Water Bill

There are a number of different ways to save money and save water all while reducing your water bill.

The demand for water has always been high, however, the bills are steadily increasing. We have put together a number of different ways to save money and save water all while working towards reducing your water bill.


Water Saving Shower Heads

Water saving shower heads

It’s a well known fact that taking showers regularly and saving the bath for a well-deserved treat reduces water usage greatly, but how do you make the shower more water efficient whilst saving money? Simply install an air injected showerhead.

An air injected shower head injects air bubbles into the water stream. This gives the water the  same splash effect and performance as a non-air injected shower but uses up to 50% less water! Remember air is still free, therefore, you will see a reduction in your water bill!

Vado currently house a nice selection of air injected shower heads all with stunning designs, and either priced similarly to normal shower heads or even less - so go and take a look to begin reducing your water bill now!

A water saving air injected shower head

Vado Air Injection Single Function Shower Handset

A powerful performing shower head that has the latest in air injection technology as well as being made with the most durable materials, meaning you won't need to replace it for many years to come.

A square air injected war and money saving shower head

Vado Air Injection Square Aerated Shower Head

A decorative piece with air injection technology that provides a much more soothing showering experience. This shower head will also look merited in either a contemporary or a traditional bathroom.

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Save Money and Water With a Non-Concussive Basin Tap

Money saving non-concussive basin taps

You may regard a dripping tap as slightly annoying, but in actual fact it is a financial burden. The average dripping tap wastes 5,500 litres of water per year — that’s nearly 70 baths! Fixing or replacing a dripping tap can save you around £55 per year, so it is a good idea to invest in a high quality tap.

The great thing about non-concussive taps is they deliver a timed flow of water which automatically shuts off after a certain amount of water has been released, hence, saving a dramatic amount of water. They cannot be accidentally left running which makes them ideal for people in family orientated homes, as well as homes that are trying to reduce and save money on their water bills and become more energy efficient.

A pair of water and money saving basin taps

Tre Mercati Capri Non Concussive Basin Taps (Pair)

Give your bathroom a minimalist style makeover with this pair of graceful and delicate non-concussive taps - high performing and high quality.

Water saving non-concussive basin taps

Sagittarius Pr Ergo Non Concussive Basin Taps

A pair of simple yet stylish taps that have a high quality chrome finish, a slight leaning forward angle and a push valve at the top.

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Save Water With a Flow Regulator

One of the most water efficient and money saving fittings you can fix in your bathroom is a flow regulator and you don’t need to be a plumber to fit one to your tap!

A flow regulator can reduce water usage through your tap by up to 50%!

By regulating the flow you will still get excellent flow rates at a good pressure, just with less water coming through. Furthermore the flow regulator provides softer water which reduces wasteful splashing.

A water saving flow regulator

Crosswater Neoperl 3.5 lpm Basin Tap Flow Regulator


Shop our full range of flow regulators here


Give Your Water a Warm Jacket

Hot water tank with warm jacket

The simple application of a hot water tank cylinder jacket to your hot water tank can save you up to £40 per year! Insulating your hot water tank will reduce the amount of time it takes for water to heat up therefore reducing wasted water, ideal for the winter months.

Save Your Flush by Flushing Less

Dual flush toilet valve designed to save water

In the UK one third of household water is flushed down the toilet. Dual flush toilets are a great way to regulate the amount of water you use. With its supreme efficiency; a dual flush toilet can save up to 27,000 litres of water a year which will have a monetary saving of around £270!

We can all get a bit carried away when flushing items down the toilet; Thames Water found half a Mini Cooper in a London sewer! Of course most of us would think twice before flushing car parts down the toilet but there are items in the bathrooms that many of us unnecessarily flush away. Flushing items such as make up wipes, sanitary products and cotton buds down the loo often require multiple flushes. With the average water usage per flush of a high efficiency toilet being 5 litres, placing such items in the bin will save you money on your water bill.

A Final Word...

We hope you found this guide helpful in helping you come up with some ways to save water and save money, as this will not only benefit you, but also the enviroment. If you have any feedback or questions, please comment on this article or our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you'd like to speak to one of our staff, please call us on 01202 556655 or email and our customer service staff will be there to help.


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