How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Hello once more, our faithful Tap Warehouse blog reader – this week we reveal how to choose the perfect bathroom mirror cabinet.

Now there are bathroom mirrors and there are bathroom cabinets – yet when you unite the two, something rather special is born. And it is these exact creations that we shall be dipping into today with your appreciated company.

Bathroom storage is one of the most important topics here at Tap Warehouse – it’s all well and good having a nice wash but where to keep all of one’s toiletries, beauty products, toothbrushes and the like?

Aspirations of Integration

Sure, you could have all of your toiletries lying around on the side of the bath, windowsill, toilet cistern and anywhere else with a flat edge, but integration is the name of the game these days.

From driverless cars to translator earpieces, the world we live in is advancing at a ridiculous rate and so it seems right that the humble bathroom cabinet enjoy the same sorts of evolution.

That development comes in so much more than a reflective face, resulting in a fantastic number of bathroom mirror cabinets of every shape and size, all available direct from our expansive online store.

Sit back and relax, and prepare yourself. It is time to see the sort of bathroom cabinet and storage integration the likes of which you never dreamed possible, as well as perhaps your very next DIY bathroom renovation purchase.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet – Materials Involved

Now there is by no means a single material available to you when selecting your bathroom mirror cabinet. From aluminium to wood, let’s quickly touch upon the perks and pitfalls of each…

Aluminium Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Aluminium bathroom mirror cabinets are incredibly sleek options that provide you with the potential to create a luxurious, modern and understated look. If you are choosing to follow a minimalist bathroom aesthetic then an aluminium cabinet may well be your best bet. And boy, do we have some in store.

We would invite you to check out this HiB Nimbus 50 LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet in 700x500mm sizing for just £389.99, a perfect contemporary unit with an understated LED framing that has an infrared on/off sensor to save electricity.


We could share these aluminium bathroom cabinet beauties with you all day but will let you do a little exploring for yourself by checking out our entire range of aluminium bathroom cabinets. Enjoy!

Stainless Steel Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

They say that steel is real and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinets. There is a timeless quality to these specimens, an all-encompassing suitability that renders them well for any sort of bathroom décor concept you are entertaining.


We would like to draw those with a feel for steel to the Premier Austin Mirrored Cabinet for a mere £109.99. Many of our customers would never consider such a formless design but are instant converts when encountering it in the flesh. Admire its remarkable angular design, as well as a handy sliding door feature that makes access supremely simple.

Wooden Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

From steel to arboreal, manufactured by man to manufactured by nature – we now move onto those bathroom mirror cabinets constructed of an endlessly traditional and much-loved material, wood.

No longer designated to damp old Victorian style bathroom décors, the modern wooden bathroom mirror cabinet is superbly versatile. It can be the shabby chic retro statement amidst a modern bathroom design, or simply support a home bathroom design approach that takes a little of both realms into account.

Wooden bathroom mirror cabinets are making a resurgence in the modern bathroom design game, as is evidently clear when you inspect such units as this Drench Emily 600mm Mirror Cabinet with Offset Door, shown here in its Natural Oak colouration (left) alongside a contemporary Hacienda Black (centre) and sleek White Gloss finish (right) at just £199.99.


The Emily combines mirror and wood in a structurally pleasing modern manner for a unique integrated bathroom mirror cabinet. We’re delighted that our own products stand out in this rich field and invite you to the store to check it out in person.

And remember, a wood bathroom mirror cabinet opens up many potential finishes of the wood itself. It is incredible how a light or dark wood finish will totally affect the overall ensemble of your new custom bathroom. Consider contrast, consider similitude. Whichever way you go, a wooden bathroom mirror cabinet is a sure way to get you there in style.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any specific finish in mind – meeting individual customer requests is one thing that we at Tap Warehouse pride ourselves upon.

Simple Beauty – White Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

From construct to colour, we now head to the bountiful land of the white bathroom mirror cabinet. Whatever these are made of, their versatile style is unanimous. Their sublime, clean look is a perfect addition to any bathroom that combines divinely with all palettes.

A fantastic mention is this Drench Jack 2 Door Mirror Cabinet for a bargain £74.99, arriving assembly-free with a 5 year guarantee. Its high gloss white finish is a beautiful complement to any décor, and it’s also available in 3- and 4-door options to suit your exact bathroom cabinet needs. What more could you want?


Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Features

Now we have touched upon some of the main materials or colours that make a bathroom mirror cabinet stand out, it’s time to see what features these items may well boast.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

When we introduced you to the HiB Nimbus earlier, we were preparing you for this section on the illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet. You may not think you would ever need one but boy, when you use one, you’ll find it hard to go back.

As dark décor abounds in the mind of the modern bathroom designer, the illuminated or backlit bathroom mirror cabinet rises similarly in popularity.

Check out, for example, this Vellamo Alpine 750mm Illuminated Mirror Cabinet for £139.99, combining a large backlit mirror with stylish, chrome-handled side cabinet for an excellent show of integration with both outer shelf and inner compartment storage options!


Now, if you want something a bit more high-tech, you couldn’t do any better than the Crosswater Duo 600 LED Mirror Cabinet at £489.99. This is a real piece of art from the gang at Crosswater, so take a second to soak up the power offered by this illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet.


It has the versatility to be converted into a recessed bathroom mirror cabinet, boosting the aesthetics of the piece as well as helping you save space – an important, often overlooked facet when it comes to speccing those pesky little ensuite or “cloakroom” bathrooms. And that’s just the start of it!

Glass shelves that are safety adjustable, internal shaver socket, infrared on/off switch – all topped off by LED technology at the top of the home bathroom field. If you want the whole package in a single unit, the Crosswater Duo is perhaps your golden ticket.

Longing for LEDs?

Don’t worry, you’re by no means alone. LED bathroom mirror cabinets are one of the most popular items with Tap Warehouse customers. If you want to find out more about these great units, read all about them in detail in our recent blog, Everything You Need to Know About LED Bathroom Mirrors.

Non-Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Out of the light and into the darkness… here we have the non-illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet, one of this product’s most simple yet strongest renditions. For those who do not have the budget for a Crosswater cabinet, or simply see no need for a bathroom mirror cabinet with electronics more complex than their car, these humble units will see you well for many years.

This Roper Rhodes Limit White Single Mirror Glass Door Unit (left) is just £182.99. Just 100mm in depth with a simple design, smooth hinge and adjustable glass shelves, this really is the limit of superb minimalism when it comes to bathroom mirror cabinets.


Next up, the staggering HIB Eris 30 Mirror Cabinet (right), which at £409.99 is every bit as minimalist and slimline as our previous non-illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet offering yet – as a tall bathroom mirror cabinet – is a great selection when maximising storage potential within a spatially restrictive wash zone.

Corner Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Instead of a standard flat wall-mounted bathroom mirror cabinet, you may well opt for a corner cabinet unit. This may be to save space in your bathroom or simply meet a stylish need.

If you wish to save even more money with your new corner bathroom mirror cabinet, consider the Vellamo Alpine Corner Mirror Cabinet at just £97.99, which provides you with a contemporary look yet at an affordable price.

Now we’ve touched on stylistics, it’s time to get practical…

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets with Demister Pads

We all know how steamy it can get in the bathroom – when really, the last thing you want when getting ready is to not be able to see in full demisted clarity just how damn fresh you look!

For that reason, bathroom mirror cabinets with demister pads are one of the biggest features in home bathroom innovation right now. We have many cabinets here at Tap Warehouse with this popular feature and so have picked out at random: the HiB Stratus LED Illuminated Steam Free Mirror Cabinet.


Combining luxury features with beautiful design for £539.99, the Stratus is a keen example of how to keep your post-shower prep steam-free and ensure your fancy new bathroom mirror cabinet is not made completely pointless the second you turn on the shower.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets with Shaver Sockets

Gone are the days of wiring a shaver socket into your bathroom wall – now simply acquire a high-tech bathroom mirror cabinet with shaver socket.

One fine example is this Harbour Glow LED Mirrored Cabinet with Demister Pad & Shaver Socket. Measuring 800x700mm and costing £399.99, it features a built-in shaver socket and heated demister pad to prevent condensation. It also boasts a highly functional two door design so that multiple people can use the bathroom mirror cabinet at the same time.


Next, the Crosswater Allure 500 LED Mirror Cabinet at £566.99, one of the Tap Warehouse team’s personal favourites. This is the one of our most luxurious bathroom mirror cabinets with shaver socket – and looking at it, it’s easy to see why.


Quality aluminium housing, multiple LED functionality, shaving socket, heated door and so much more, wrapped into a single sumptuous cabinet bundle.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets with Bluetooth

That’s not a misprint – our previous high-tech offerings were only the start. Complement a space-age décor with a space-age bathroom mirror cabinet with bluetooth and take your bathing to intergalactic heights.


We like to recommend the Roper Rhodes Tune LED Illuminated Bluetooth Mirror Cabinet with Stereo Speakers – which is currently the very pinnacle of bathroom mirror cabinet technology. Yes, that means you can play music from your phone through your bathroom mirror cabinet – what a world! Besides that, not that you need any more encouragement, the Tune cabinet offers double-sided mirror doors, adjustable glass shelves and an infrared on/off sensor switch.

Decision Time

Well, we’ve just about covered every variant of bathroom mirror cabinet out there – and we have them all here at Tap Warehouse just waiting for you.

At the end of the day, the decision comes down to you. What do you need? What’s your décor? Do you wish to draw focus to or divert it from your bathroom mirror cabinet?

We’re sure you’ll make a fantastic choice, and you can always reach out to our friendly team for aesthetic or technical advice right here.

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