Golden wonder...why our bathrooms are going for gold

If design gurus had been asked a few years back to predict the big bathroom trends of the future, I'm pretty sure the return of the gold tap wouldn't have figured highly. But yes, you heard right, the glorious, razzle dazzle of the shiny gold tap (plus matching shower, shelf, rail and hook, of course) is making a 21-carat, gold return to a bathroom near you. And personally, I can't get enough of it.


Let's get one thing straight. While we might deem flashy gold finishes and crystal-encrusted bling as the bad-taste realm of footballer's wives (sorry Colleen, Posh et al) rather than anything beneath us 'good taste mortals', times are definitely changing and warmer metallics are making a welcome renaissance. In fact, you can't have missed the interiorista's love affair with gold, brass, copper and bronze this season and the way warm metals are making serious design headlines throughout every room in the house. Think fabulous copper lanterns, matt brass kitchen splashbacks and beautiful rose gold shower controls in sleek, modern silhouettes and feel-good textures without any hint of old-fashioned rusticity or OTT glitz in sight.


So back to the bathroom. After years of restrained good taste there is something oh so liberating about throwing in the towel and joining the jet set (even if it's only in the bathroom). Because while sleek, stark and minimalist bathrooms might look the ticket in the magazines and showrooms, many of us are seeking out bathrooms that are warm, welcoming and liveable with just a teeny touch of glamour thrown in for good measure. Don't get me wrong, there will always be a place for bathroom brassware finished in the whiter, cooler metals like chrome and stainless steel, but today this doesn't have to be the only choice. Our bathrooms are going eclectic and personality-packed and gold taps are helping us on the way.


All of today's best-dressed bathrooms are going for gold - and there's a look to suit every taste and choice of décor. A classic, three-piece suite in pure white now looks fresh and irresistible paired with a vintage-style, shower rose and exposed pipework in gold, with matching crosshead basin taps (in gold too, natch). Or if you're still a modernist at heart, how about a wall-hung vanity unit with simple matt gold taps plus a wall of inky black tiles with just a hint of a gold shower head peeking through for an unexpected twist. And if gold is just a tad too yellow for your tastes (and you can't get rid of the notion of tacky 70s gold taps from the first time around), seek out alternatives like brushed bronze, glossy rose gold and matt copper tones.


And why stop at gold brassware. Your bathroom can be a seriously cool treasure trove with gold coated ceramic basins, sleek gold frames around your shower enclosure and a smattering of sparkly gold mosaics to encase your bath.

Bling it on I say...just not all at once.