Golden Taps: Crown Your Kitchen with a Regal Mixer

Gold. Throughout history, gold has furnished the fortresses of emperors, garnished the throne-rooms of kings, and adorned the altars of great temples for thousands of years. So there's not a kitchen on the face of the Earth that wouldn't be transformed by the addition of gold kitchen taps. And these golden taps are the best gold kitchen taps - for ALL budgets, both big and small.

"Whoever has the gold, makes the rules" is the old saying. A saying that you might think doesn't apply to gold kitchen taps, but it's less about what shape it's in at all. All that really matters is that it is gold. Gold is a symbol of power, it triggers this reflex in our subconscious without us even thinking about it. Because just think, of all the precious metals that exist on this planet few inspire as much awe and love as gold does; regardless of a person's culture, taste, or religion. Gold is great. And golden kitchen taps are great, too.

Golden Mono Mixer Kitchen Taps

Vellamo Koro Single Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer - Brushed Gold

The captivating Vellamo Koro boasts a durable solid brass construction with a beautiful brushed gold finish fit for any ‘five star luxury’ home. It’s not just a pretty face either, this stunning Vellamo mono mixer uses ceramic disc technology to ensure it’s as durable as possible, and drip free! For convenience, the Koro also has a swivel spout so you can reach all of those areas in your kitchen sink!

Butler & Rose Elizabeth Traditional Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap - Gold


For those fans of the more traditional style among us, feast your eyes on the Butler & Rose Elizabeth traditional mono kitchen mixer tap. This elegant kitchen tap has a mesmerising polished gold finish and a swivel spout for added convenience. With a ceramic disc cartridge to prevent unwanted dripping and a hugely comforting manufacturer’s guarantee, what more could you need form this beautiful tap?

Tre Mercati Capri Lever Dual Flow Mono Sink Mixer With 3" Lever 


Tre-Mercati's offering to this list is a popular choice for many a lavish kitchen, having been spotted on many an interior design TV show. It's easy to see why, too, with the gorgeous gold finish decorating a very well made tap.

If these beautiful gold mono taps don't do it for you, why not check out our full range here.

Golden 2 Tap Hole Kitchen Taps

Tre Mercati Imperial Pair Of High Neck Pillar Taps

Tre Mercati dominate this list of gold, because they do it so well. So here's another pair of gorgeous taps fit for bedecking any room with precious metal. Topped with porcelain caps, these taps someone manage a level of understated luxury despite being encased in the most impressive of English Gold finishes.

Tre Mercati Little Venice Bridge Kitchen Mixer in Antique Gold

The Tre Mercati Little Venice bridge mixer is a little slice of timeless perfection for your kitchen. This gorgeous kitchen mixer has all of the beautiful styling of a traditional tap, but the inner workings and practical functions of the most modern taps there are. Boasting high quality brass construction, ceramic disc technology to prevent dripping, and a comforting one year manufacturer’s guarantee, do we even need to show you any more lovely gold taps?

Tre Mercati Imperial Dual Flow Bridge Pillar Sink Mixer

Similar to the previous tap listed here, this Imperial dual flow tap from Tre Mercati boasts cross-head calves but with a swivel-spout that reaches out even further for better comfort in the kitchen.

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Golden 3 Hole Kitchen Sink Mixers

Perrin & Rowe Alsace 3 Hole Sink Mixer with Lever Handles

A traditional tap with deck-mounted levers that just feel great to use. Smooth use and a beautifully embellished spout with elegant curve define this 3-hole kitchen mixer as an opulent option for even the finest of Edwardian-lovers.

If this isn't the one, there are plenty more 3 hole kitchen taps on our site, and you can find them here.

Golden Filtered-Water Kitchen Taps

Clearwater Cassini Mono Kitchen Mixer and Cold Filtered Water Tap

Whilst the antique bronze finish of the Clearwater Cassini doesn’t scream ‘gold’ it certainly has a golden hue and absolutely oozes regal luxury! Providing filtered cold water and featuring a 360 degree swivel spout, this stunning kitchen tap is equal parts beautiful and practical! Who wouldn’t want one?

Golden Instant Hot Water Kitchen Taps

Vellamo Kaffe 3-in-1 Instant Hot Water Tap with Boiler Unit & Filter - Brushed Gold

Crafted from high quality brass with a striking brushed gold finish, the Vellamo Kaffe boasts incredible heat insulation technology to ensure the spout is cool to the touch even when hot water is flowing, alongside child safety spring lock technology, and a neoperl aerator to create a soft and splash-free flow of water. With these and even more incredible features, you’d be mad not to get your hands on one!

A Final Word

We hope you've enjoyed this journey through our stunning range of gold taps, and if you haven't found the one yet, give our full range a once-over!

Please check up regularly on the Tap Warehouse blog to discover the very latest news and developments in the world of kitchen and bathroom design, and if you're in need of any help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch here!