Discover the Best Low Water-Pressure Taps for You

A collection of some of the best performing low water-pressure taps - all available at amazing prices.

You turn the head of your new low-pressure tap and thanks to this helpful guide, you know what your mains water pressure is and avoid the embarrassment of watching a weak drip of water flop uselessly from the spout.


How Do I Find out My Water Pressure?

A good start is to know what water pressure system you have.

(To be 100% certain, your water provider may be able to send someone out free of charge for you. If not, a plumber can check for you using a pressure gauge)

  • Gravity Systems

    - Low pressure system with a cold water storage tank and a hot water cylinder

    - Typically, the water pressure in your first-floor bathroom will be around 0.2 bar or less, and a ground floor kitchen may well be 0.5 bar

  • Combi Boilers

    - High pressure system

    - Heats water coming in at mains pressure

    - Typically your water pressure will be around 1-2 bar, more than enough for 95% of the taps and showers available today

  • Unvented Water Cylinder (System Boilers)

    - High pressure system

    - Water is kept under pressure by the incoming mains pressure, and then typically indirectly heated by a boiler or solar panels

    - Can choose any brassware you want


Low Water Pressure Taps

At Tap Warehouse we define high water pressure as anything over 0.2 bar for bathroom taps or 0.5 bar for kitchen taps. There are many low water pressure solutions and we offer an extensive collection of taps designed for these systems.


Proflow offer a wide range of taps in modern designs, designed to get the best possible flow rate out of low-pressure water systems, all backed by a five year manufacturer's guarantee. The collection includes 7 different ranges of taps which are all suitable for water pressure systems of 0.3 bar and below.

  • Altera - A stylish collection of basin and pillar taps ideal for those who have a gravity fed hot water system.

  • Tiera - A sublime collection of taps featuring a cascading waterfall effect in a beautiful chrome finish.

  • Serenity - A classy assortment of basin mixer taps with gentle feminine curves mixed with a square form.

  • Track - A chic design featuring sweeping curves, a distinctive oval design and ceramic disc cartridges for excellent flow rates.

  • Fusion - A smooth design that combines quality components, a high shine chrome finish and ceramic disc technology.

A mini chrome basin mixer designed for low water pressure


Crosswater is a well established brand and is well known for their majestically designed taps. They offer a nice range of taps designed to be suitable for all low pressure systems.

  • Crosswater Belgravia Crosshead and Lever Taps - Classic designs that are gracefully arched to give you a strong and steady flow of water.

  • Crosswater Waldorf Lever Tap - A modern twist on an early 20th century design, these memorable and distinctive taps offer accurate control of water flow and temperature.

  • Crosswater Kai - With distinct contemporary vibes, these basin and lever taps add a dash of style and a heavy sprinkle of water from low pressure systems.

  • Crosswater Design - A charming collection of basin and bath taps with a lasting shine and smooth feminine curves designed to give you a steady flow of water.

Crosswater have many more ranges designed to provide optimum performances with low pressure water systems.

A crosswater low water pressure tap, designed to look great on any sink


Vado have been creating high quality low pressure taps for over 20 years and all their products come with a 12 year guarantee to give you even more confidence in their products.

  • Vado Kensington - A statement set of taps with a classic and traditional design.

  • Vado Victoriana - A delightful collection of traditional pillar taps guaranteed to give your bathroom or sink a warm glow.

  • Vado Wentworth - An intricate design range that will compliment any room.

  • Vado TE - A truly beautiful cluster of bidet and basin taps with a unique look that you are guaranteed to treasure.

There are many more ranges that Vado offer that have all been designed to perform well with low pressure water systems. Each range are unique in design which is why Vado is a popular choice in over 50 countries across the world.

A beautifully traditional low water pressure bath tap with a shower handset

Tre Mercati

With a long history in making quality bathroom taps, Tre Mercati have mastered in creating a high performing tap under a low water pressure system.

  • Modena - Available in a range of finishes, these basin mixer taps are built to last.

  • Imperial - An elegant design that will add a touch of class to any room.

Each tap has been constructed using modern technology such as ceramic disc cartridges, and the complete range is available at some amazing prices.

A high-qualitybath tap with a timeless gold finish

High Pressure Taps

High pressure taps and showers work on 1.0 bar and above. At Tap Warehouse we offer an extensive collection of modern and traditional bathroom taps suitable for high pressure water systems from over 15 leading manufacturers such as Crosswater, Just Taps and Hudson Reed.


Shop our complete collection of low-pressure bathroom taps and low-pressure kitchen taps.


A Final Word…

At Tap Warehouse, we label the recommended minimum water pressure of every one of our taps on its specification tab. If you need any further advice, please call us on 01202 556655 or email and our customer service staff will be there to help.