The Benefits of Ceramic Discs in Your Taps

GONE are the days before ceramic disc taps. No more rubber rings screwed over the end of metal pipes, splitting as they wear down, leaking and costing every homeowner thousands a year in water bills. No more leaky taps drip, drip, dripping away at night - wearing down the ceramics of your sink.


All your expensive problems solved by a small porcelain valve...


Stop leaking taps

What are the Benefits of a Ceramic Disc Tap?

Ceramic disc taps are the savour of light-sleepers, eco-warriors, and anyone who enjoys not watching their money slip down the drain.

  • No more invisible leaks (subtle leaks that disappear down the plughole,  but cost £££’s annually)

  • No more obvious dripping

  • No more fiddly rubber washers

  • Or getting a plumber in for a 5 minute job

  • Designed to last a lifetime

  • Taps shut off completely, with far less effort


Are Ceramic Disc Taps More Expensive?

Absolutely not. But the more expensive taps tend to feature ceramic disc valves more than lower budget taps, so you’re more likely to find taps with ceramic disc valves when you look at the more upmarket taps available.

In the long run, a cheap tap will just cost you more money. So the investment in a good tap is a no-brainer.


How Does Ceramic Disc Technology Work?

Ceramic disc cartridges are simply two ceramic discs with holes through them.

One disc is fixed in place whilst the other moves with the tap handle. When both discs are in alignment, the water is allowed to flow through the tap. When they are no longer aligned, the water stops.


What’s So Special About the Quarter Turn Function?

Ceramic disc valves are power steering for taps. One nudge and it’s on, another nudge and it’s off.

It’s just more comfortable, convenient, and it’ll mean less struggling for children (and less accidental leakage).


How Long Do Ceramic Disc Cartridges Last?

A lifetime. But it depends on the hardness of your water (contact your water provider), and the quality of the tap itself. A cheap tap, even with ceramic discs, is going to wear down over time.


What’s the Best Ceramic Disc Tap?

This depends on what you want from a tap, but here’s a few recommendations:


Tre Mercati Capri Lever High Neck Pillar Taps

High neck pillar taps, with coloured tap indicators


Tre Mercati Little Venice Mono Kitchen Mixer

Tre Mercati Kitchen Mixer with ceramic discs


Rangemaster Aquatrend Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap

Rangemaster kitchen tap with state-of-the-art ceramic discs


Vellamo Quadro Basin Pillar Taps

Vellamo basin taps with ceramic discs


Ultra Bloomsbury Basin Taps

Ultra traditional basin taps with ceramic disc technology


Shop our range of popular ceramic disc taps here


A Final Word...

We hope you found this guide helpful in helping you understand that ceramic disc taps will be a cost effect addition to your bathroom. If you have any feedback or questions, please comment on this article or our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Although we offer some of the best rated kitchen sinks, we also offer an extensive range of kitchen taps and home kitchen accessories that we hope may tickle your fancy. If you need any further advice, please call us on 01202 556655 or email us at and our customer service staff will be there to help.

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