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The Lowdown on the Best Low Level Radiators

This week we are delighted to take you deep into the thrilling realm of low level radiators. 

This is a remarkably large market considering these radiators’ small size, for the low level radiator is an incredibly popular modern home heating selection due to its versatility in spaces with low ceilings, awkward wall angles and other unusual layouts encountered in new home builds.

These perplexing positionings shall be demystified today for you by the Tap Warehouse team, here with our pinnacle selection of the world’s best low level designer radiators to present to our valued readers. Each of these low level radiators are available right now and at leading prices on our plentiful online store

So, without further ado, let’s get low, low, low and limbo on into the world of low level designer radiators.

Low and Behold

The first highlight of our low level home heating celebrations is this Butler & Rose Horizontal Designer Column Style White Radiator. It is available in a 3 column design and 4 column design depending on your preference. 

Here we have one of Butler & Rose’s finest steel radiator examples, a great low level home heating choice that adds real flair to your home set up with its timeless traditional design and demure white colouration.

Run it across the bottom of your beautiful bay windows or line your hallway with this fantastic low level column radiator, which Butler & Rose have constructed of incredibly durable steel for hard-wearing use and high heat output. 

This super adaptable low level home heating unit is capable of functioning in a central heating, dual fuel and electric set up, and comes equipped with Butler & Rose’s reliable five year manufacturer guarantee.

Next up, we present this remarkable Reina Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator. You will be hard-pressed to find a low level designer radiator that unifies style and affordability so serenely as this Reina example, which will cost you a stunningly low price in both its single and in its double panel version.

This low level flat panel piece of home heating art is emblematic of Reina’s effortless designer radiator style, compressed here for home owners where space really is at a premium. The design is minimal yet speaks volumes, wonderful for fitting below windows or in the corners of attic rooms with unusual roof angles. Due to its notably small size, it is also an excellent low level radiator to place in tandem along a cavernous hallway or mirroring one another across a master bedroom.

Crafted from Reina’s top quality steel with dual fuel functionality and featuring their reassuring 5 year manufacturer guarantee, this pretty and delicately proportioned Reina designer radiator is a stunning example of a low level heater with a high level output, and should be at the top of your considerations for a low level designer radiator.

Third up, and perhaps one of the lowest low level radiators you’ll ever come across, is this fantastic Butler & Rose Horizontal Designer 4 Column Style White Radiator. This beautiful low level column radiator is a piece of horizontal home heating heaven, available in 2, 3 and 4 column variants.

It really doesn’t get much better than this, crafted by Butler & Rose using their tested mild steel recipe for a truly durable low level radiator. And with its commendable heat output, this horizontal home heating piece makes a perfect fit anywhere in your home.

Line a large hallway, border a bay window, or fill out the corner of an attic room in ways that a vertical radiator could only ever dream of doing.

This wonderful unit features central heating, dual fuel or electric capabilities and, as with all Butler & Rose products, carries their 5 year manufacturer guarantee. Not that you’d ever likely need it with this resilient specimen of a low level home heating unit.

Ok, we know what you're thinking. But hold that thought!

The Brenton Oval Tube double panel vertical radiator can also be horizontally mounted, so if you're in a tight spot when it comes to space, but love the look of this contemporary  - worry no more!

You can achieve the same modern look this stunning anthracite radiator offers, just horizontally instead.

Say you've got yourself some nice long windows that could do with a swanky radiator underneath them, this is the one for you.

This Brenton beauty boasts a double panel design to ensure your home is kept as toasty as possible, elongated panels with a curvy oval design to cover the aesthetics, and a truly simplistic yet captivating look.

Simple to install and constructed from top quality industry-approved steel, what more could you want from a low level radiator? Apart from perhaps a pretty comforting one year manufacturer's guarantee. 

The Brenton oval low level radiator really does have it all.

If that last one doesn't quite tickle your fancy, take a look at the Brenton Steel vertical designer radiator.

This chrome contemporary beauty is perfect for a more minimalist look thanks to its sleek chrome finish and oval tube design. Of course, it goes without saying thanks to the subject matter of this article, but this stunning piece can also be horizontally mounted. What a treat!

Keep your home warm and cosy whilst adding an element of modern style; with a high heat output and crafted from mild steel - you can be sure of the reliability of the Brenton Steel. However, if the features don't quite convince you, perhaps the 5 year guarantee will.

If you're after a perfectly modern way to spruce up some empty (and low down) space, this Brenton option is all you could ever need and more. Pair this beauty with some statement chrome valves and you're all good to go in the style department.

Here to Help

Remember, our friendly customer support staff are always here to help. 

So, whether you have a query about these fantastic low level radiators or any other example of horizontal home heating goodness that you discover in our store, get in touch with us right here and let’s see if we can undo your confusion. 

There’s nothing we like to do more than help you achieve the very best in your DIY home heating quests. No question is too big or too small – so we look forward to your call! 

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