Bath Taps: A Complete Guide to Help You Decide

After a long day, there is perhaps no better feeling than stepping into a warm, steamy bath that surrounds your body in waves of comfort and serenity. The real problem is knowing what kind of bath taps to choose, and how each of these can be utilised and incorporated with your bathroom designs. There are lots of different factors to consider – a traditional or contemporary setting; what kind of water pressure you have to work with; the size and space available in your bathroom; the design and shape of your bathtub.


It’s important to check what water pressure you have before making a decision on a particular tap for your bath. After all, you don’t want to find that Victorian, polished copper bath tap that you’ve been searching for for months before shortly realising it won’t even work with your pressure system! Getting the dimensions right is another essential when choosing a bath tap. If you have the space and budget for it, a freestanding bath shower mixer is a beautiful compliment to a roll-top bathtub and can be stylised with modern and period sanitaryware and accessories. If size is on the limited side, a deck-mounted bath mixer might be just the space-saving answer you’ve been looking for.

At Tap Warehouse we stock an enormous range of bath taps for you to choose from. In fact, there are just so many that we can’t even decide which our favourites actually are…

We’ve tried our hardest though, and narrowed it down to some of the very best bath taps for all budgets and styles for you to peruse below.



 Bath Monobloc Mixers

Perfect for those tight angles or small spaces, a bath mono mixer or monobloc tap provides functionality in absolute abundance. Sometimes it can be a bit of a squeeze to fit everything in to the bathroom of your dreams; a mono mixer can be placed where anything more than one tap hole just won’t fit the bill. If you are going for a contemporary, minimalist style, then these might just be the bath taps for you. 

Crosswater Essence Monobloc

Waterfall taps are hugely popular right now, and for good reason too. Imagine if you could spend your days bathing under a jungle waterfall with swathes of exotic birds and animals around you. Unfortunately, only very few of us will ever get to experience this, but the Crosswater Essence Monobloc Bath Filler certainly does its best to get you there. An exquisite blend of polished chrome, curvaceous shapes and a tumbling flow of water – the ultimate deck mounted bath filler.

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2-Hole Bath Taps

A popular choice amongst the masses, 2-hole bath fillers can be found in a multitude of differing styles and finishes. Whether you are designing a Jane Ayre-esque period suite, creating the perfect family bathroom or modernising that second, usually overlooked bathroom downstairs, a deck mounted bath tap provides a wonderfully classic solution to your home. And, with many of them fully compatible with low pressure 0.1 bar water systems, you are certain to find just the one you’ve been looking for. 

Tre Mercati Deck Mounted Bath Filler

With an arched spout reminiscent of a graceful swan, the Tre Mercati Maverick combines sharp crosshead handles with a beautifully rounded design that establishes it as a firm favourite for any modern restroom. A truly designer, luxury product at an affordable price. 

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3-Hole Bath Taps

You know what they say - the best things come in threes, and that definitely applies to bath taps too. There’s something fantastically satisfying about a centrally placed spout, straddled on either side by two deck mounted bath valves to control the flow of hot and cold water. If that doesn’t suit you, some three-hole bath taps include a shower handset for maximum practicality and convenience – a wonderful solution to washing your hair while in the bath and to avoid dunking your head under the water. 

Flova Allore 3-Hole Bath Filler

There’s a good reason why the Flova Allore is named as it is – warm, crystal-clear and alluring water streams from the spout and into the tub. Adjust the temperature to the finest degree with two deck valves for absolute control and brace yourself for what may be the most relaxing bath you’ve had in a long time. 

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4 & 5-Hole Bath Taps

The apex of functional bath taps begins with 4- & 5-hole bath fillers – the ultimate partner for your modern or vintage bathroom. Adding a shower handset into the mix really makes them worth considering, as it gives you complete flexibility to take on your bathing routine as you see fit. 5-hole bath tap combinations usually include a diverter valve too – a convenient alternative to the standard lever action.

Vellamo Twist Matt Black 4 Hole Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Black is back with a vengeance, one that we at Tap Warehouse have never glimpsed before. Treat your bathroom to contemporary upgrade it deserves with the Vellamo Twist Matt Black 4 Hole Bath Tap - the ultimate companion to a freestanding tub in any modern space. Crafted from solid brass and with a simply sensational matt black finish, the Twist isn't just a pretty face. Beneath its quietly confident exterior you'll find the very latest in ceramic disc technology and full compliance with BS5412 and BSEN200 standards, all conveniently covered by a 10 year guarantee.

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Bath Spouts

Absolute luxury sometimes can come in small packages, something definitely true when it comes to an elegant and sophisticated wall mounted bath spout. Wonderfully suited to both vintage and contemporary bathrooms, bath spouts provide an element of minimalism that is unmatched by other, more cluttered bath tap combinations. Bath spouts mounted on the wall go hand-in-hand with a stunning roll-top or freestanding bath; creating a centrepiece of beauty for your home.

Crosswater Belgravia Crosshead Wall Mounted Bath Spout

Echoing Victorian period bathrooms from times past, the Crosswater Belgravia Bath Spout is finished in a smooth, polished chrome with striking white indices to mark the hot and cold stop taps. Perfect for those with a penchant for classical style and extraordinary indulgence.

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Pairs of Bath Taps

Designing a bathroom from scratch can be a tricky challenge, so why not make things easy with the simplicity of a pair of bath taps. Often suitable for low pressure water systems due to the higher water flow rate they can give, they mount directly onto your bathtub and look fantastic when combined with matching basin taps. If you’re looking for something with a dash of more personality, bath tap pairs are also available in an assortment of finishes such as matt black, polished gold and brushed nickel. 

Mayfair Surf Pair of Bath Taps

Cutting clean edges and adding a splash of innovation to your bathtub, the Mayfair Surf taps were designed in mind for bathrooms of a smaller nature. Their curved shape gives a sense of balance and tranquillity that complements the long lines of a bathtub and provides the finishing touch to your sanctuary. 

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Freestanding Bath Taps

Perhaps the most striking and opulent method of filling your bath, freestanding bath taps are a delightful bathroom focal point that work exceptionally well when paired with a freestanding bathtub. Almost all include a hand shower kit with the bath spout, which comes in handy when rinsing down the tub after use. An element of flexibility is provided too, given that the taps can be placed at either side or end of the bath for wherever suits you best. 

Butler & Rose Harrogate Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer with Shower Kit

Despite having an obvious traditional style, the Butler & Rose Harrogate Freestanding Mixer looks marvelous in either a period or contemporary setting. Equipped with two separate hot and cold taps for precision temperature control, the handles and shower handset are accented with exquisite white porcelain. Complete luxury at a more than affordable price.

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Thermostatic Bath Taps

A comfortably family-friendly addition to your bathroom, thermostatic bath taps offer complete control over the water flow temperature to keep little fingers and toes safe from burns or chills. Even with running taps or toilets flushing elsewhere in your home, the bath taps will fully regulate the temperature to ensure no fluctuations occur. A simple and classic choice for those who like to escape from any uncertainty. 

Vellamo Reef Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer

If you’re getting ready for work in a bit of a rush, taking a shower after an exhausting day or giving your kids a quick bath before bedtime, we all know how unpleasant it can be for a sudden burst of freezing water to make its way out of the shower head. The Vellamo Reef Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer alleviates this problem from the outset, with clearly marked temperature indicators and a safety button to keep everyone safe at bath-time.

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Bath & Shower Sets

Some of us tend to be a little indecisive from time to time, and it can be pretty easy to spend hours looking through all the different bathroom taps to find the perfect one. The beauty of bath and shower sets is that we have carefully curated the best combinations available, making it a breeze to pick the best one for your bathroom. There are different types of bath taps with showers included, some that fill the bath directly from the spout and others that work with an overflow bath filler – a personal favourite of ours here at Tap Warehouse.

Drench Imogen Concealed Shower Valve with Fixed Shower Head & Overflow Bath Filler

A clean and contemporary blend of polished chrome and cylindrical valves, the Imogen Bath and Shower Set features a large, rainfall shower head, a triple concealed thermostatic shower valve and an overflow bath filler that provides an elegant and simple feature for your exceptionally chic bathroom. 

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